“Hey Josh. Thanks for showing me how to exploit the world’s most profitable ‘Side Job’! I just made $9,046.47 in Net Profit – in only THREE DAYS!


UP $9,047 in THREE DAYS!

Then there’s Jack who wrote in to say,


“I just made $3,100 on a single trade. Josh is the best... I would recommend him to anyone.”

“$3,100 on a single trade.”

And new member Chris is kind enough to call me...

The Top Gun – the best of the best. He’s the mentor who turned around my trading fortunes.”


Like I said...

Now my indicators are going haywire once again.

This time for GOLD.

It’s even possible to make up to 45 times your investment per trade – a super-rare event I like to call a ‘Heart Attack Payday’.

Let me remind you...

What you’re about to see is a little-known investing secret....

Today, I’ll show you what I think is a super dependable way to amass a quick fortune.

I’m talking about starting with a minimum average investment of just $1,000 per trade…

And potentially generating a mind-blowing $46,630.

Now, before I go on, let me assure you. In order to participate...

● You do NOT need to be an experienced investor...

● You do NOT need a lot of money (a minimum average investment of only $1,000.00 per trade will get you started)...

● And you do NOT need a lot of free time.

If you have a computer, a basic internet connection, and you can come up with at least $1,000.00 per trade, you can get started today.


And your timing is excellent, because...

What could be the World’s Most Profitable “Side Job”
is literally ON FIRE...

You could start collecting a sizable new payment every single trading day.

Imagine opening up your laptop tomorrow morning to discover an EXTRA $450… $785… $2,247… up to $5,000 sitting in your account.

Heck, one recent morning, I added an extra $4,185 in winning trades. And I did it before my coffee got cold! These opportunities are like ships in the harbor, they come in shore to dock… but they do set sail… With… or without you… I was able to average an extra $554.76 per trading day for a two month period.

That's an extra $554.76 per trading day.

That works out to a mouth-watering $144,237 on an annualized basis.

Can you think of what you’d like to do with a juicy “second income” like that?

Maybe buy that little red sports car you’ve had your eye on for years...

sports car

It’s incredibly simple to get started.

You only have to clock into our private Trading Room twice a month, each time for a quick 60-minute session.

Can you commit to doing that?

Don’t worry. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what my strategy says to do.

You simply cut and paste what I give you. And if my past track record holds up, as it should...

Your bottom line could grow by leaps and bounds. Between $400 and $1,000 in extra profits per trading day, on average... based on a full contract investment per trade.

But there is one catch.

While gains of this magnitude are possible almost every single trading day,

This could be your FINAL chance to turn an average investment of $1,000 into a $46,630 treasure chest starting today.

That’s because I’ve spotted a major new technical event emerging on my Gold Futures charts.

One like I haven’t seen in years.

Last time I spotted an opportunity of this size... I was able to turn an initial deposit investment of $500 into $39,282!

Here’s the best part...

My indicators say it’s about to happen again. And this one has the potential to be far BIGGER than anything that came before it.

Believe it or not, anyone who takes action today has a real chance to take a minimum average investment of $1,000 per trade and make $46,630...

But for you to qualify for this massive payout, you need to take immediate action.

When’s the deadline? March 31st...

MARCH 31, 2022

The best way to show you how explosive this situation can be is to give you a peek into my own personal trading account. 

Take a look at this amazing chart.

It shows my performance over a 51-day trading period...

extra $37k

When’s the last time you had a chance to get more than $37,000 RICHER…  

In just 90 days... Starting with an average $500 investment per trade?  

Let me clarify. 

This snapshot is from my own live-money trading account.  

It’s real money. Real trading wins.  

And in case you’re wondering,  

This opportunity has nothing to do with Bitcoin, selling options, shorting, Forex or anything like that.  

I call it the “underground” market. And it’s a lot like buying and selling stocks.  

Except things move a whole lot faster.  

So what’s required of you?  

Just to click into my private Trading Room twice per month, for just 60 minutes per session.

That’s where all the action happens.  

Can you commit to doing that? 

Good. Because that’s where you’ll see how simple it is to kick off this lucrative Side Job for yourself.

During those 51 trading days I just showed you,  

Something truly amazing happened.  

I managed to book an average profit of $554.76 per trading day. 

That’s my AVERAGE performance. 

Individual paydays can be much, much higher.  

Heck, one recent morning I cranked out $5,915 in winning trades – before the clock struck noontime! 

My Trading Profits from this Morning!

Here’s another view with itemized results. Same super-quick gain of $5,915...

extra 5915

Pretty sweet, right?

While nothing is guaranteed… 

In this or any other corner of the financial market… 

These eye-popping results should bolster your confidence about what’s possible. 

So should the fact that I regularly put my own hard-earned money on the line when I give a recommendation. 

Now, check out this amazing winning streak I just experienced.  

TRUE STORY: How I Ran Up a Towering $19,000 in Winning Trades — Between July 19th and 31st, 2019. Like Clockwork!

In a stretch of less than 2 weeks in July, the action in and out of our private trading room went ballistic.

Here’s how it unfolded...

I came into trade like always on Friday, July 19.

Then came a rollicking 10-day bonanza like you wouldn’t believe.

By noontime on Day 1, I already had $4,230.80 in the bank.  


The following Monday added $2,037.20 to our kitty. 


The very next day added $3,780.10 more in underground wins. 


On July 29, another super-quick $1,664.96 in profits for the day. 


The next day, got $5,766.42 richer. 


Finally, July 31 topped up the pile of winnings by another $2,267.20. 

Sure, any one of these paydays was sweet on its own. 

But all together, I managed to pocket over $19,000 in winning trades in less than 2 weeks. 

profit chart

Honestly, I haven’t seen anything this lucrative in years.

It’s almost like you can enjoy wins – on AUTOPILOT. Without touching a single stock.

Is that something you’d be interested in?  

Plus, the underground market is ripe with winning trades – no matter which way the market goes. 

I’ll rip the lid off this incredible opportunity for you in 2 minutes. 

But first…  

It’s important you know who I am. And why I'm so confident about this strategy.

Josh Martinez

My name is Joshua Martinez.  

I’m a 10-year trading veteran and professional financial analyst.  

Maybe you’ve seen my work inside some of the industry’s most respected trading publications.  

Trader Planet
Executive Trader
Your Trading Edge
FX Street
FX Trader
Forex Crunch
Your Trading Edge cover
FX Trader magazine

But my road to the top was anything but straight. 

I’m way different from all those so-called “gurus” you hear about. 

First off, I don’t have a high-priced M.B.A. 

And I didn’t learn the tricks of the trade from inside a big Wall Street institution.

Instead, I learned everything I know from the school of hard knocks. 

Like back in 9th grade when I joined the school wrestling team. 

That was life changing for me. It was the first time I learned how to channel all my energy and focus on achieving something big. 

Things were going great. I started winning competitions. 

Then a lightning bolt struck from out of the blue. 

A diagnosis of Graves Disease. My doctor said it was so serious, I needed to quit wrestling or risk having a heart attack. 

What a shock. 

I spent my senior year in and out of the hospital undergoing radiation treatment.  

All of a sudden, my goal of a wrestling scholarship vanished into thin air.  

Heck, I was barely able to graduate from high school. 

What do you do when your anchor is ripped from you? You drift for a while. 

That’s what happened to me. 

I went to school to become a professional firefighter – and led my squad until the governor of Florida slashed funding, and I lost that opportunity. 

Then I became a certified personal trainer.  

I performed so well I was promoted to assistant manager, then to general manager, and finally I got to manage my own gym. 

But I was barely able to pay the bills. 

I was devastated. There I was working up to 15 hours per day, 6 days per week, but barely making $20,000 per year.  

What kind of life was I creating for myself and the love of my life?

Finally, I said enough is enough. 

I switched gears and started working for a financial education company. 

I was so excited that I got the job. First, I did all the grunt work.  

Little did I realize, it came with a silver lining. 


Being in the trenches allowed me to sharpen my skills on the nuts and bolts of how trading actually works...

How real money is made in the market.  

I got so intrigued I opened up a demo account and started “playing” around in the market myself. 

Eventually I developed a way for my students to make up to $500 per day, based on the European market open.  

Before I knew it, I had thousands of people signing on for my trading sessions.

Long story short... 

I became one of the most successful trainers in the business. 

So successful, in fact, that I decided to open my own business called Traders Agency in June 2019. 

We’ve been doing gangbusters ever since. 

As you’re about to see in this clip from inside my Private Trading Room…

I managed to make over $20,000 in just 3 short days.  

These simple trades were executed on Friday, Monday and Tuesday… 

And I ended up with a total of $21,283.90 in wins!  

What’s so great about this underground market is it lets the little guy investor make BIG profits with very LITTLE money upfront… 

All while using strategies that reduce risk… are not complicated… and can be very, very simple to use. 

OK, I’ll bet you're asking… 

What is this underground market, and how can you raid it for such a nonstop bonanza of profits – no matter what’s happening in the regular market?  

When you hear me say I’ve chosen to excel in the high-speed, high-stakes world of financial trading… 

You may get the impression that I’m a gambler. 

But you’d be dead wrong. 

I’m about as far from a wheeling, dealing, speculator as you can get. 

You know how Wall Street pundits like to say it’s virtually impossible to time the market? 

That all relevant information is currently baked into a stock’s price?  

Well, that may be true for the stock market. 

But it’s definitely NOT the case for the underground market I’m introducing to you today. 

My years of research looking at historical price moves and technical indicators have proven you can pre-determine when the big indexes could rise or fall based upon probability... 

With scary accuracy.  

No, I don’t chase specific stocks in the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000

Instead, I trade Futures on these major indexes. 

That’s where I’ve become a master, and my followers tell me, they are making an absolute mint.  

So why did I choose Futures over all the other opportunities out there? 

Here’s my answer in a nutshell:  

  • ADVANTAGE #1: The Futures market is a pure, pattern-driven market which can be predicted.  
  • ADVANTAGE #2: You can only buy and sell in the Futures market… nothing else.  
  • ADVANTAGE #3: I’ve discovered an edge that allows me and my followers to tip the scales dramatically in our favor – on every trade we make.
  • ADVANTAGE #4: You can get started with as little as $1,000 in a position… and there is no cap on how much upside you can make.

Now, there’s one thing I need to address…  

When a lot of people hear the word ‘trading’, they start thinking they are in way over their heads.  

“It’s dangerous… it’s for pros… it’s so volatile.”  

That’s nonsense.  

What I’m actually talking about is an investment strategy that when used properly, can be more conservative than “buy and hold”...  

And still deliver multiples of the market return. 

Trading the Futures market – when exercised properly – can actually REDUCE your risk because, unlike stocks, you can put less money on the line.  

By following my guidance starting today, you could experience a whole series of victories... 

  • WIN No. 1: You can make up to ten times the average market return – predictably and annually -- with potential gains as high as 1,000% or more from your average investment. 
  • WIN No. 2: You can avoid high loss periods. 
  • WIN No. 3: You can reduce the money you put at risk by 50%, 75%... as much as 90%. 

All at the same time! 

Consider the basics… 

The regular stock market gives you a 50% chance of being right, 

And a 50% chance of being wrong. 

But by making an investment in the Futures market, you dramatically improve your odds. 

By accessing a different portal in your account, you immediately boost your odds of hitting the jackpot from 50% ...  

To 60%... 70%... 80%... 90%...  

All the way up to a whopping 95.2% chance of being right and bagging a profit.

That’s like going 20 for 21 EVERY TIME YOU INVEST. 

That’s almost unheard of, right?  

Let me assure you…  

If you’ve dabbled in the stock market, you have what it takes. 

Right this minute, I have thousands of loyal followers, and they are NOT professional investors.  

They don’t have access to any special technology, and they wouldn’t dream of staring at a PC screen for hours each day.  

These are regular men and women … teachers, firefighters, and small-business owners who were brave enough to make the big switch. 

Cameron from Kansas shows you what’s possible.  


After a short 30 minutes of trading, he got $6,915 richer.  

And my student Martina says,


“I made $2,000 between last night and this morning thanks to you!”

And Dan wrote in to say:

“This is amazing. It only took 55 minutes to make $425. And I would have DOUBLED this if I had taken the other signals. I won’t make that mistake again. 😊”


So the choice is yours… 

You can drop $5,000 or more in the regular stock market, hoping and praying that you get the company and precise timing right… 

Or you can plunk down an average of $1,000 per trade in the Futures market instead.  

By following my lead – literally by cutting and pasting what my strategy says to do in my Private Trading Room -- you’ll have a realistic opportunity at turning a tiny $1,000 minimum average investment per trade into $46,630.

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to try? 

Let me introduce you to what could be the
Most Bankable Pattern you’ll ever encounter...

No matter how many times I say it, some people still don’t believe me.

They think in order to make BIG money in the markets, you’ve got to do something really complex and difficult.  

WRONG. You simply have to follow the signals…

And look for a repeatable, highly dependable trend. 

Now, you probably understand how some cycles work. 

For example, retail sales spike every year after Black Friday... 

Gas companies record windfall sales during the frigid winter months when people need more gas to heat their homes... 


And every year, beer sales skyrocket with the arrival of Memorial Day, baseball and cookouts. 


Of course, these trends are fairly obvious.  

Knowing them doesn’t give you much of an advantage.  

But I’ve discovered something else that, for investors,  

Represents the difference between struggling, perhaps breaking even…  

And allowing you to potentially become independently wealthy for the rest of your life!

My secret?  

I’ve become one of America's leading experts at identifying powerful financial patterns that repeat themselves over and over again.  

For example, take a look at this chart. 

S&P 500 futures

In this case, we’re tracking price movement on the S&P 500 Futures market over a 2-year period. 

The general trend is upward.  

But pay special attention to all those little green arrows.  

Each one is a ‘U-Turn’ in the overall price trend. 

Notice how almost every time the price hits the support level… represented by the blue line at the bottom… 

The price jumps right back up. Like clockwork! 

This high level of predictability lets me effectively rig the market – in YOUR favor. 

Each time the price hits that blue line, 

My strategy issues a BUY SIGNAL in the knowledge that I have an excellent chance of being right – 

And banking a new payday.

Folks, this is as close to SCIENTIFIC INVESTING as you’ll ever find.

Now, let me show you a more recent chart. 


This one has not only a blue support line (where the price doesn’t want to fall below)… 

It also has a red resistance line – where the price doesn’t want to rise above 

See how we get a nice channel, from left to right? With a solid border on either side? 

Think of these lines like bumper rails in your local bowling alley.  

They keep the ball moving down the lane. 

Now, you don’t have to be a Harvard graduate to know what happens when you approach one of these lines. 

Whenever the price hits the top blue line, the market generally falls…  

Whenever it touches the bottom blue line, the market generally rallies. 

Even if the market breaks out of the channel, believe it or not you can still rake in serious profits.

You just need to understand the pattern.

Expert analysts like me exploit this telltale signal all the time. For the opportunity to make MASSIVE wins. 

It’s also one of the few ways the average investor can get an edge on the market. 

Reliably and consistently. 

My unique approach allows me to predict these U-Turns with laser-like accuracy.  

My strategy can predict future U-Turns with up to 95.2% accuracy.

Incredibly, this gives you an opportunity to place a winning bet 20 out of 21 times. 

Your odds for winning jump from 50/50… all the way up to 95.2%. Practically overnight. 

No wonder I call it the "Millionaire’s Pattern"… 

Where else in the investment world are the odds so dramatically slanted in your favor? 


Nowhere that I know of.  

Now for the real reason I’m talking to you today. 

Potential $46,630 Profit Opportunity Scheduled to
Start Paying Out in the Coming Days.

Since August 2019, a new Millionaire’s Pattern has been developing. 

I’ve been keeping close tabs on it. This one happens to be forming on the Gold Futures chart. 

Let me show you what I’m seeing now. 

GOLD FUTURES (GC) +$45,000.00 Trading Prediction


See how gold has been on a major bull run over the past two years?

The Gold Futures daily time frame broke above a major resistance level that has U-turned the market 4 times since 2019.

I have every reason to believe it’s about to happen again – right now.

Essentially, my proprietary strategy now predicts the price of gold will jump from just under $1,900 to $2,400 in the days ahead.

That’s 4,663 “ticks” away...

And since each tick is worth $10 when trading intraday with a full contract...

We’re staring at a GIANT $46,630.00 PAYDAY opportunity right now!

Think about it.

$45,000 bucks! Super fast...

So are you in?

Lucky you… All you have to do is follow my lead!

Sure, it may take a few trades, but,

If you start out with a minimum average investment of just $1,000 per trade...

And trade strategically on the way up...

My calculations show you could realistically turn that $1,000 average investment into a giant $46,630 cash pile if you get in before the deadline of March 21, 2022.

Tell me this...

Why on earth would you invest $5,000 or more in the volatile regular market...

Hoping and praying for a measly 5% or 10% return...

When you can invest just ONE-FIFTH the amount per trade – and make nearly $50,000 in profits if my prediction comes true.

My friend, it’s the BEST pattern… with the BEST pricing… and you get in at the BEST possible time.

Here’s the most urgent message for today – by far. 

Last time I spotted a “Millionaire’s Pattern” developing in a back channel of the financial market...

I was able to turn an initial deposit investment of $500 into $39,282!

Crucially — it looks like it’s about to happen again.

If my analysis is correct...

You’ll NEVER have a better chance of turning an average investment of $1,000 per trade and make a $46,630 treasure chest.

The target payout date is nearly here.

Now, before we go any further… 

I want to be straight up with you. 

There are a few key facts you need to know before you reserve a seat in my next Trading Room session.  

FACT #1: This is very different from what you’re used to seeing. There is no monthly newsletter. No complicated system you need to follow. No tons of reading between sessions. 

Your main benefit is twice-monthly V.I.P. access to the Futures War Room, where I divulge all the new breakout opportunities appearing on my screens. 

I don’t fool around during each 60-minute online session. 

I cut through all the B.S. out there, and go straight to the TOP, most lucrative trade opportunities available in the market at that moment.  

You leave each session knowing exactly what to do. When to do it. And how to do it. 

FACT #2: My commitment is to you. Only you. I don’t take advertising dollars. And I certainly don’t follow in the footsteps of the mainstream investment media. What you hear from me, you WON’T hear from anybody else.

FACT #3: You’re joining at the perfect time. In my professional opinion, we have our sights on the BIGGEST, BEST, AND MOST INDISPUTABLE moonshot opportunity you’ll see this decade. 

Remember, being able to reach out and grab a life-changing payday is exceptionally rare.  

Especially one that could use a minimum average investment of $1,000 per trade and potentially deliver $46,630 of profits.

This newest pattern is shaping up perfectly. 

So I encourage you to get “skin in the game” before the wider world sees what’s happening. 

I know some of the claims in this presentation may seem incredible.  

But they’re verified and 100% true.  

Fact is, if you have a brokerage account now... access to email... and a minimum of $1,000 per trade to invest... 

You have all the tools I recommend you have to get started. Once onboard, you simply wait for our next Private Trading Room to go live.  

During that 60-minute session, you can trade right alongside me.  

I’ll tell you where my strategy sees another lucrative U-Turn developing, and the best way for you to get positioned.  

Then it’s up to you whether to execute the trade in your own account.  

Shortly after, often within 24-48 hours – you should see the value of your trade shoot up.  

Sometimes even faster.  


Look at Tanya M., who wrote in to say she banked $1,300 in about 30 minutes.

Andy said, “I booked $8,000 in profits in the last two days... Thanks Josh!”


Then there’s Wendy who says,


“Josh, I’m blown away. I made $2,462 yesterday... and another $900 today.”

And I’ll bet you’ll like this one...

James is so jazzed with the results he’s seen that he agreed to shoot this short video for us...

How’s that for some rapid-fire trading action?

Let’s say you had advance notice (that’s where I come in) – and the chutzpah to invest in the Futures market like James did.

You’d be more than $11,000 richer. After just a few days of trading.

I don’t care if you’ve never traded Futures before.

Winning streaks like this one have the potential to make you an absolute mint!

Let me remind you how simple this is...

Each time you enter my private Trading Room… 

I’ll hand you a chance to access a high-powered, relatively low-risk underground trade.  

All you have to do is copy the trade instructions in your own account.  

That’s it. All it takes is a few minutes to get the ultimate edge so you could potentially generate impressive wins like: 

  • $21,000 in less than one week
  • $5,766 in profits in one day 
  • $2,119 in less than one hour

You have to admit… 

Super-quick profits like these would go a long way toward paying for that 2nd home along the coast you’ve been dreaming about.

coastal home

Wouldn’t that be nice? 

Now that my Futures War Room is a well-oiled machine, I’m finally ready to spread the wealth today.

I want to maximize the potential gains for each reader... so you’ll have the best opportunity to get in at the best price.  

If too many people rush into the specific trades my strategy recommends in the Futures market, the profitability of your trades could be affected.  

I don’t want that to happen. And the best way to ensure it doesn’t is by limiting the number of new members.  

Don’t forget…  

I can’t think of a better time to get on board.  

See all the green circles just ahead of us? Each one is a new LIVE trading session that you’ll be invited to attend…  

I expect to trigger a brand new trade idea in every single one of them.  

March 31

Remember, every circle is your chance to make ten times the profit – while risking up to 10 times less money.  

Hit just one and you could be at least $400 to $1,000 richer... based on our track record so far.  

Hit four or more and don’t be surprised if your bottom line balloons by $4,000... $8,000... $13,000 or more.  

Here’s the final part. So please, read carefully... 

Now, I do need to clarify one point. Entrance isn’t guaranteed.

Only a lucky few will get to experience my unique investment research and recommendation service, Futures War Room – on a first-come, first-serve basis.

So you’ll need to act fast…  

If you do get in, I promise I’ll do everything in my power to help you get up and running ASAP... 

Hold on, there’s more. 

When you respond today, as an extra incentive, I’ll rush you my brand new report on how to make 2021 your most profitable year ever.  

Hot off the presses, it’s called Josh's Top 5 Underground Trade Symbols For Massive Gains. 

Josh's Top 5 Symbols

Think of it as your exclusive “trader’s playbook” showing you how quick and easy it is to exploit these lucrative and very reliable price trends...

I cover market direction, trend lines, entries, exits…  

In essence, everything you’ll need to tap the underground market for profits up to 1,000% more than you’re used to now... all while risking up to 10 times less money upfront. 

This special report is free to all new members... but is not available to the wider public.  

Best of all, it’s yours to keep — no matter what you decide to do later!

This serious big money opportunity won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

Look, this is extremely valuable information. Serious traders would be happy to pay $3,000… $5,000… $10,000 or more to jump on my twice-monthly live trading sessions.

But I didn’t create the Futures War Room to help the rich get richer.

Nothing would make me happier than to have YOU, the little guy investor, contact me in a month or two to tell me your dreams have been realized…

To say you’ve gone from being a cautious, run of the mill investor… To being a wise and wealthy trader thanks to the Futures market.

All thanks to what could be the World’s Most Profitable Side Job – that you didn’t even know existed before! Let me make that happen for you.  

You get nearly $4,500 worth of trading secrets when you add up all this...


Two Live Trading Sessions per month - giving you V.I.P access to 24 sessions over the next year.

24 Sessions Total Value $1997.50

A full year of complete write-ups for each and every trade my strategy recommends...

12 Months Access Total Value $997.50

Summary videos in case you miss a live session...

12 Months Access Total Value $497.50

Our unique Trading Idea Trackers that track the trades after they are recommended in our private Trading Room

12 Months Access Total Value $497.50


Josh's Top 5 Symbols

And let's not forget your free Special Report, called Josh's Top 5 Underground Trade Symbols For Massive Gains.   

That’s IF you’re lucky enough to grab one of the available seats today, of course.

I suspect you’re like a lot of my loyal members…

You’ve toyed with the idea of trading over the years… 

Because you’d LOVE a chance to become your own boss… to grab a shot at your own FINANCIAL FREEDOM for yourself and your family. Does that ring true? 

I guarantee you this.  

The sooner you get in, the more opportunity you'll have at a chance to accumulate serious, life-changing profits.

You won’t want to miss even one of my War Room sessions which go LIVE twice a month – on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  

In the coming days, I’ll tell you exactly how my strategy says we should get positioned for the mammoth $46,000 payday I told you about earlier. 

Crucially — this amazing Gold setup has RARELY been seen in my 10+ years as an investment analyst. 

And remember, last time I spotted an opportunity of this size… 

I was able to turn an initial deposit investment of $500 into $39,282! 

This time, the opportunity is even bigger. 

But you need to act before the deadline shown here:

MARCH 31, 2022

That’s why I’ve agreed to offer you an extra special deal today.  

So you won’t pay 4 grand… you won’t pay three… you won’t even pay ONE-TENTH the retail price by jumping on this offer today… 

Your one-year membership is only $89 – a fantastic savings of more than 90%. 

That’s an awesome deal! 

Have you seen how much trading services cost these days? 

They routinely run $2,000, $2,500, even $5,000 per year and more… 

I haven’t seen many worth the hefty price tag. 

So I created Futures War Room to be different than anything else out there. Both in terms of the spectacular — and spectacularly QUICK — profits it could deliver. 

But this offer won't last forever.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a seat today… 

You’ll get to join me LIVE in my Trading Room from 11am to noon EST, twice per month, for 60 minutes of power trading. 

The trades my strategy highlights are perfectly understandable… 

Relatively LOW RISK… 

Plus they’re cut & paste SIMPLE to execute… 

I honestly believe it’s the best Side Job you could ever imagine. 


You may get a “Sorry, Room Full” message when you finally decide to join.  

That means I had an overwhelming response and all the seats have been snatched up — so you may have to wait months for a new invitation.

If I open it again that soon. 

I can’t say for sure that you’re in until you Enter the War Room and confirm your participation. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to all this: 

  • 2 LIVE sessions per month in my real-time Trading Room. This is my nerve center… a multi-dimensional trading floor where I exchange crucial information including what my indicators say to buy and sell, how, and at what price. You even get to interact with me via chat during these sessions. 

Remember, I’ll be in the Trading Room with you — with the goal of maximizing the gains, minimizing the risks, and making sure you’re comfortable with the fast pace

  • Post-Trading Room Summaries. Don’t worry. Even if you miss a session, you’ll always have access to video replays, plus written details of the recommended trades. 
  • Trading Idea Tracker. Go here to track the trades we discovered during the live War Room sessions. This is a great resource to keep on top of how your real-life trades are performing. 
  • Your VIP Members-Only Website — Here you’ll find anything you may have missed — including War Room archives (both video and text formats), trade recommendation performance, Alerts, FAQs, and much more. 
  • PLUS YOUR NEW MEMBER BONUS: Josh's Top 5 Underground Trade Symbols For Massive Gains. 
Josh's Top 5 Symbols

As a special bonus for joining today, you’ll get my exclusive “trader’s playbook” showing how quick and easy it is to exploit this underground market for extraordinary gains. The ONLY place you can get this report is here… And only if you’re one of the first to respond today.

And the momentum in our Trading Room is only getting stronger.  

Now’s an ideal time to get on board.  

On the Fence? Here’s a Rock-Solid Guarantee You’ll Appreciate

Look, I know the evidence is astounding… and the trial price is extremely low.

But I’m going to make it a no-brainer for you to take action right NOW. 

You don’t even have to make up your mind today!  

Simply agree to dip your toes into Futures War Room today… 

And you’ll get my Every Penny Back Guarantee if you’re not absolutely thrilled (and far better off) at any time over the next year.  

That’s right. You are entitled to every penny back if you cancel anytime over the next 365 days. 

No questions asked. 

Of course, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever want to cancel…  

With a brand new Futures Trading Room going LIVE twice per month…  And each one featuring a high-powered trading idea… 

That’s a lot of underground trades coming your way. 

And today, you can lock in a one-year membership for only $89.  

That’s a real steal. 

But please be aware: You MUST act now. 

Once we have enough new members, I may be forced to close Futures War Room to new members until further notice.

I expect to be SO busy finding high profit trading ideas for my readers, that it could be a long time before I open enrollment again. 

Especially at this ridiculously low new member’s price… 

So I suggest you join me for a Risk Free trial right now.

There’s a juicy new price trend forming in the Futures market right now...  

Get it right and you may be able to turn an average $1,000.00 investment per trade into a massive $46,630.00 payday in the coming months.

12 months from now, you’ll either have taken advantage of this rare chance to pocket major profits… or walked away from the opportunity of a lifetime.  

Remember, this is a limited-time offer (first come, first serve).

You won’t know whether you’re in until you take action.  

It’s the easiest thing you’ll do today.  

Claiming your FREE special report… your guest pass to 24 LIVE trading sessions... and your every-penny-back guarantee is as easy as clicking the button below.  

You’ll be taken to a secure membership form. Please fill it out as quickly as possible.

(Don’t worry… you’ll have a chance to review everything on the next page before you make a final decision).  

Delaying by just two minutes could be long enough for the door to slam shut…  

You could miss out.

I’d hate for that to happen.

So, I urge you to click the button below now.  

You can also call our Member Services Team at 1-888-483-5161. They’ll confirm if you’re one of the first to respond, and answer any questions you may have so you can get started right away.  

In closing, I want to thank you for reading this message today.  

I'm Joshua Martinez – and I look forward to seeing you inside the Futures War Room.  

I Want to See The Details!

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